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Smart Home Products – Making Life Easier at Home

In 2021 your phone goes everywhere with you and has access to all parts of our lives. Unsurprisingly, now our home products are becoming part of our mobile phone routine. With new tech coming out allowing you to control your heating, doors, lights, and even your kettle! We understand smart products are designed to make your life that little easier. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing smart home wholesale and stock a wide range of smart home products. From LED panel downlights to motion sensors. Products such as:

  • Smart 3G surge protected extension lead with quad USB charger
  • Fire-rated RGB and CCT wi-fi downlight
  • Smart plug
  • Adjustable wifi LED panel
  • LED flex Wifi controller
  • Smart contact sensor
  • Smart motion sensor

Smart products have had a huge amount of growth and are proving to be a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to maximise their energy efficiency, as well as increasing the value of their homes. We’ve compiled this guide full of FAQ’s surrounding Smart homes and the products that make them so clever.

How big is the smart home industry?

The smart homes market was valued at USD 79.13 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 313.95 billion by 2026 and register a CAGR of 25.3% over the forecast period (2021 – 2026).

How many smart homes are there in the UK?

There are 2.22 million smart homes in the UK. A smart home has a central hub (a smart speaker, control panel, or app) that’s linked to at least two devices – for instance, a smart bulb and smart plug.

Does having a smart home increase home value UK?

As well as making it look presentable, you’ll also be adding value to your home. According to, an average spend of £179 making your home ‘smart’ can add up to £16,000 to its value.

What are smart home products?

A smart home product is a data processing object, which has several interactive functions. A smart product combines the physical and software interfaces. The usage of a smart product is interactive and requires some cognitive work by the user. These include:

What are smart home plug sockets?

These products plug into your existing outlets and sync up with your smartphone, letting you remotely dictate when the outlets turn on and off. No more getting up to turn off the lamp across the room. With a smart plug, you can do it right from the palm of your hand, sat on the sofa, or even the toilet.

Are smart home plug sockets worth it?

For many users, smart plugs are worth it. They use less energy than other devices providing they’re set up correctly. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and CLEAResult found that using smart plugs saves between 1 and 4.58% of energy usage or about 500-1000 Kilowatts each year.

Smart home plug 1GAKW

What are smart home outlets?

Smart outlets are an inexpensive way to turn your appliances and fixtures into smart devices. With a smart outlet, you can turn your appliances off and on from your phone or (in some situations) your voice by using: Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Home Pod, or other devices.

Can I plug anything into a smart plug?

Smart plugs can automate just about anything in your home in minutes. Simply plug one into the wall, then plug a lamp or other common electric device into the smart plug and done. Instant smart. Now you can turn it on and off with your phone, put it on a schedule or even monitor its energy usage.

What is a smart motion sensor?

Smart motion sensors are devices that detect movement in and around the home and trigger response if anything is detected. For example, a smart motion sensor can automatically turn the lights on when it senses you enter a room. Or they can send you an alert if an intruder is attempting to enter your home. These work especially well alongside an activated alarm or home security system, providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

What can you do with smart sensors?

Enhance your security system: smart sensors can provide a way of enhancing your alarm. Place smart sensors on your windows and doors, for example, and you can have an alert sent to your phone. You could also trigger lights to turn on to scare off a burglar.

Smart home motion sensor OSMKW

Advantages of smart home sensors

  • Accelerate processes and make them more accurate
  • Collect, process, and assess data in real time
  • Monitor processes and assets accurately, reliably, and continuously
  • Lower energy wastage

What are smart plugs and switches?

A smart plug is a switch that you plug into a power socket, which you can then plug another device into. You use it like you would a regular adapter. You can control it via an app on your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi, or with voice controls through Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

13A Smart home 2G Switched Socket

The advantages of a smart home

Never Forget

With smart plugs, you can turn off an appliance no matter where you are. No more worry or mad dashes home if you feel you’ve left the stove or the straighteners in!

Scheduled Safety

Worried to leave the home alone? You can schedule the TV or lights to turn on or off, creating the image that someone is home for some added peace of mind.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a cosy addition every ear but can increase the energy bill a lot. With your smart device you can just set up a light schedule and you never have to worry about your lights until its time to take them down.

Save Energy

Older appliances tend to use more energy than new appliances. If you’re looking to find which device needs an upgrade, plug the appliance into a smart plug that tracks energy usage, and you’ll have a breakdown of your most thirsty appliances.  

Automate Your Morning Cuppa

You can now plug your coffee maker into a smart plug and schedule it to kick on 10 minutes before your alarm goes off, just do all the other steps before bed and you’ll wake up to a perfect coffee every morning. Additionally, you could add a smart plug to an electric kettle to get your mornings started right. Just remember to add water before bed.

No More Toe-stubs

Finding yourself turning off the light and running to bed? Perhaps you’ve stubbed your toe a few times with this method? Having smart plugs means you can control the lights from your phone and can choose when you’re ready for lights out.

Reset Routers

Resetting routers is a pain, there’s no doubt about it. If you’re looking to save a minute out of your life, smart plugs and sockets are for you. Simply turn it off and on with your mobile device and you can stare at the internet connection angrily from the sofa, like you deserve.

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